About Us

We are an association dedicated to improving communication between diving programs

We held our first meeting at DEMA 1994 in New Orleans to formalize the concept of a format to help the dive programs across the country share ideas, solve problems, promote education and conservation. Since then we meet yearly at our annual symposium hosted by member Aquarium institutions. In defining this association, it is of equal importance to let you know what we are not. We are not a regulatory group. We do not have certification requirements. We will not be producing a set of standards to be adhered to. There are organizations, such as the AAUS and ADCI that already do a fine job of this much needed type of structure for our industry.

Our Mission:

To provide a professional forum for the creative exchange of ideas, information, support and solutions within the community of zoo and aquarium diving program administrators.

Our Objectives:

  • To develop a network to facilitate regular and convenient communication between diving programs.
  • To assist and encourage diving programs in maximizing their potential for public education, aquatic conservation efforts and preservation of the environment.
  • To support and assist diving program administrators in meeting the common challenges of maximizing diver safety, effective use of human resources and professional development.