Professional Development Virtual 2022

The 2022 ADPA Professional Development Virtual event will take place May 16th – May 20th! Below is the schedule and a brief synopsis of each workshop being hosted throughout the week.

  • Professional Development Virtual will have two sessions per day from Monday-Thursday, and one session on Friday morning
  • Start times for the workshops are listed in Eastern Standard Time
  • Cost of registration for the week is $50

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May 16
May 17
May 18
May 19
May 20
10AM ESTDSO Workshop
(2 hours)
Tricks of the trade: We know a thing or two, because we’ve seen a thing or two
(3 hours)
Budgeting Workshop
(1 hour)
Coaching vs. Managing Workshop
(3 hours)
Mentorships Framing and Roundtable
Part I
(2 hours)
2PM ESTWomen DSOs From Across the Country
(1.5 hours)
Volunteer Management Roundtable
(2 hours)
Ask the Board
(2 hours)
Dive Program in the Cloud (DPiC)
Get to know 2.0
(2 hours)

Overview (download)

Monday, May 16th

10:00AM EST – DSO Workshop (2 hours)

The DSO Workshop is designed to review some of the fundamental skills a Dive Safety Officer will need when entering a new DSO position or a new program. Hear from industry professionals on topics including: the history of the ADPA, DSO foundations (this segment discusses the fundamental skills a DSO will need to be successful in their position), safety training and emergency management, risk management, “The Second Level” (this segment will focus on “next level” programs a DSO can pursue with their organization), and operating guest immersion programs.

To prepare participants for the workshop, we will be providing videos to view from seasoned DSOs prior to the workshop day. Participants then can hear from the video panel live during the workshop to ask questions and exchange ideas. This is a great workshop for both the first-time DSO, a seasoned DSO taking on a new program, or a DSO simply looking at refreshing their skills. All are welcome!

2:00PM EST – Women DSOs from across the Country (1.5 hours)

This workshop will highlight stories, advice, and accomplishments from ladies across the industry. This will also be a safe space to ask questions and receive guidance regarding current or past workplace challenges. Non-binary / non-gender conforming individuals encouraged to join.

Tuesday, May 17th

10:00AM EST – Tricks of the Trade: We know a thing or two, because we’ve seen a thing or two (3 hours)

Tricks of the Trade will provide the attendee a basic level of knowledge of imaging and editing in order to produce content to help you tell your story.

Topics include:

  1. Photography/Videography: Understanding the exposure triangle, lenses, depth of field, lighting and other tidbits needed to produce good content
  2. Editing: What to do after you take the shot.
  3. The final product: Making it ready for the public
  4. Different cameras
  5. Resources to help you along the way.

At the end of this workshop, you will have a broad understanding of what it takes to produce imaging content at your institution and to help tell your story for your guests and staff.

2:00PM EST – Volunteer Management Roundtable (2 hours)

Moderated Roundtable to lead discussion and share flow of strategies between institutions. We will be discussing a few main topics then branching out to member Q&A surrounding Volunteer Management. To help share a flow of discussion, we hope to welcome both experienced-longstanding dive officers AND those who are newer to volunteer management.

The goal is two-fold:

  • Address and answer common issues dive officers face with Volunteer Management
  • Set attendees up with a list of contacts, within ADPA, that they can reach out to with volunteer topics/issues/concerns.

Wednesday, May 18th

10:00AM EST – Budgeting Workshop (1 hour)

This workshop is centered around the fundamental skills of creating and maintaining a budget for your dive operations. Topics will include: payroll budget including pros and cons of full time vs. part time staff, how to create an annual budget, how to maintain and track an approved budget, how to approach the “big ask” (especially if it is not budgeted!), and small zoo budget building.

2:00PM EST – Ask the Board (2 hours)

Do you know who the ADPA board members are? Have you ever been next to a board member and wanted to ask them how they got there? This workshop is geared toward those ADPA members that are interested in meeting the board and getting to hear from them. This workshop will include a message from the ADPA President and President Elect, intro from each board member, question and answer segment with each board member, and ending with a closing remark from our President with the direction of the ADPA.

Thursday, May 19th

10:00AM EST – Coaching vs. Managing Workshop (3 hours)

Managers often have to have all of the answers and find themselves spending hours and hours offering advice, solving problems, and owning the issues.  Coaching, however, opens up the path to employee ownership, accountability, and innovation.  In this class, learn the 7 questions coaching leaders use for greater team effectiveness.

2:00PM EST – Dive Program in the Cloud (DPiC) – Get to know 2.0 (2 hours)

This training will provide an overview of DPiC and the many new features available in 2.0 including the planner, scheduler, and custom fields. You’ll have an opportunity to ask questions and offer suggestions for future development.

Friday, May 20th

10:00AM EST – Mentorships Framing and Roundtable – Part I (2 hours)

Mentoring — what is it?  Is it just for those at the beginning of their career or new job? Do you just want someone you can bounce ideas, converse with for a sympathetic ear or help find solutions? Who knew mentoring is really a two-way learning opportunity?

Roundtable — this is the sharing part — what formats do you employ internally, did you have a mentor during your internship, have a college mentor maybe with a professor or counselor?

Models of Mentoring — what types of mentoring are out there and what will work for you? What is the time commitment, do I have what it takes, why would I do this? What will I get in return?

Next Steps — are you ready to be a mentor or would you like one? Over the summer a survey will be sent to gather some details and at the Symposium in Orlando we’ll do a speed dating for mentors’ activity.