Past Scholarship Winners

2023 Winner

Allison Potter- Senior Assistant Dive Safety Officer

National Aquarium, MD

“Wow, what an amazing week! Let me start off with the fact that ADPA was my first ever professional symposium/conference that I have attended, and it set the bar high. Earning the Brett Dodson Scholarship was a huge bonus to the whole experience…Experiencing both the ADPA Training Day and Symposium introduced me to so many like-minded professionals in the industry I have been a part of for the past 5 years as an ADSO and Volunteer Diver Coordinator.”

2022 Winner

Kaitlin Morgan- Dive Safety Officer

Sea Life Aquarium Grapevine, TX

“As a newer DSO, ADPA has been an immeasurable resource and learning opportunity. At a smaller facility with a small staff, attending a conference is often not in the budget. When it was announced that the ADPA conference was going to be held in person again, I already assumed it was out of the question for me. Then I saw the scholarship application. I never expected to be selected, and I never expected the incredibly warm welcome I received at the conference. I learned so much while listening to the presentations and talking to the vendors. I do not know if I will get to attend again, but I am so thankful for my opportunity to meet everyone in person!”

2021 Winner

Jannette Bodwell- Assistant Dive Safety Officer

North Carolina Aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores, NC

“My first ADPA symposium is something that I will never forget. Even though I was new to being an ADSO and new to ADPA everyone at the symposium was so incredibly welcoming. By the time the symposium ended I knew that I had not only made friends but that I also had an entire community willing to help or give advice should I ever need it. I am so grateful to have received the Brett Dodson Scholarship as it made it possible for me to attend ADPA and meet this amazing community.”

2019 Winner

Brendan De Grim- Dive Safety Officer

The Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk, CT

“I had never been to a conference where everyone had so much passion and pride for what the organization was all about. I had also never been a part of such a genuine group of people who regardless of what facility they’re from and how long they’ve done the job will take the time to literally pick up a phone and answer any question you have.”

2018 Winner

Pauline Roche- Dive Safety Officer

San Diego Zoo Global

2017 Winner

Lauren Larese- Dive Operations Manager

Wonders of Wildlife, MO

“Being awarded the Brett Dodson Scholarship provided a level of professional support as a first time DSO that set me up for success in my career. Attending the ADPA Symposium gave me access to a wealth of knowledge from the group and showed that attending industry conferences like this benefits our dive program as it grows.”  

2016 Winner

Tim Sampson- Dive Safety Officer

John Ball Zoo, MI

“The papers and reports that were presented were informative, interesting, and amusing; I learned a lot from talking with the other attendees during the breaks as well as at the Symposium Social…The workshops were really beneficial and extremely helpful for a new DSO.”

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