The Mirage Dolphin Habitat – Las Vegas, NV


By: Andrew Morgan

The Mirage Dolphin Habitat offers a myriad of activities that, to some, may hold much greater value than the bright lights and sparkle of the Vegas Strip. Trainer for a Day, Paint with the Dolphins, and Yoga with the Dolphins are a few examples of what the Mirage Dolphin Habitats offers to its guests.

The dolphin habitat and hotel front desk aquarium display requires, on average, 600 annual scuba and surface supplied dives with tasks such as dolphin care, life support & aquarium maintenance, as well as educational shows. A team of 24 divers is led by Sebastian Sprain, Corporate Lead DSO for MGM Resorts. 

Sebastian’s recent shift to Corporate Lead DSO gives him the opportunity to work with dive operations throughout the MGM Resorts International Company and has assisted with development of the dive operations at the Bellagio Fountain and Mirage Volcano.


Sebastian hails from California having graduated from Vallejo High School and quickly found himself at work as a diver at Six Flags Marine World, currently called Six Flags Discovery Kingdom.

Sebastian finds the aquarium and zoo dive operation world to be unique and different. He considers himself a diver first, but also acts as “safety officer, life support and water quality specialist, and animal restrainer.”

Outside of diving, Sebastian enjoys running, shooting, playing video games, watching movies & music and being with friends.

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