Outreach Update


The ADPA had a strong presence at the AZA Annual Meeting held in San Diego, CA last month, and continues to impact the AZA community through member involvement in several ongoing projects. Many ADPA members also hold positions on AZA Committees, positioning them to represent the diving industry in zoos and aquariums. Several ADPA members presented at the meeting on behalf of their home institutions, and additional members will be assisting with publications for the AZA over the next year.

Contaminated Water Diving

ADPA members, Casey Coy, George Peterson, and Arnold Postell are working on a project for the AZA Safety Committee and AZA Aquarium Affairs Committee involving considerations for contaminated water diving. The goal is to provide information and current industry practices on these issues to allow members to make informed decisions about human exposure, not to keep divers out of the water. There are three main areas of focus, each associated with a paper due for publication next year.

  1. Diving with medical treatments paper: This paper will consolidate current industry practices for diving in water with medical treatments and has some clear recommendations on well-known treatments. For lesser known areas, the paper will present facts to help members make informed decisions regarding exposure. Due Sept. 2017 at annual meeting.
  2. Indicator bacteria paper: This paper will produce clear recommendations on human exposure, testing and treatment for dealing with fecal coliforms. Due March 2017 at mid-year meeting.
  3. Mycobacteria exposure paper: Due Sept. 2017 at annual meeting.

 All three papers will standardize a GAR (Green, Amber, Red) risk analysis model and diver PPE solutions for these applications. 

Current Topics in Diving Operations Presentations

Several ADPA members gave presentations on different dive topics in our industry.  Big shout out to Jake Emmert for “organizing” this group. There were more than 60 attendees in the audience!

Safety Standards and Trends – Paul Dimeo, Aquarium of the Pacific

Diving Technology Advancing Operations &Guest Experience – George Peterson, Monterey Bay Aquarium      

Paid Immersion Programs – Casey Coy, Florida Aquarium

Science Outside Our Exhibits – Hap Fatzinger, NC Aquarium Pine Knoll Shores      

Dive Programs Supporting Conservation and Science – Jake Emmert, Moody Gardens

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