Elections – 2024


The Election Committee, which is comprised of ADPA Past-Presidents and is currently chaired by the outgoing President, Jake Emmert, will be accepting nominations in November for the following positions:

  • President-Elect (2-year term as P.E. + 2-year term as President)
  • Membership Director (2-year term)
  • Secretary (2-year term)

Any active member may nominate an active Professional Member (as defined by our Bylaws) for an open Board position.  We encourage you to talk with that individual before nominating them.  

Membership definitions, general Board job descriptions and election protocols can all be found in the ADPA Bylaws ADPA Bylaws. If you’d like to nominate an eligible member please email the Elections Committee at elections@adpa.org with their name, title, and institutional affiliation.

The Election Committee will be reaching out in a series of emails outlining the process, candidates, and directions on how to vote.  Please take part in this vote as this is your organization.  Please contact any current Board member if you are interested or learning more about the experience.