Dive Hacks – Communications Hub


Dive Hack submitted by David DeBoer

The Problem:

Radio comm line stress caused by stacking multiple banana plugs and losing all diver comms when removing one diver comm plug.

The Solution:

Separate all diver comm lines by building a custom hub. Parts are readily available online to build a hub with ports for every diver. 

Here’s what you will need:

Outdoor electrical box with holes and caps

  • Banana binding post couplers wall plate (shown is for 4 speakers – one coupler for red plugs, one for black)
  • Red and black speaker wire
  • Two red and two black banana plugs with enough wire to connect hub to diver radio
  • Soldering equipment (although not needed this is the most secure method… trust me!)
  1. Disassemble your binding post couplers, then reassemble so one coupler is all red posts on top, the other all black on top.
  2. Strip your speaker wire and twist lock them into a pattern shown – red on one side, black on the other.
  3. At the last set of posts, twist lock two red banana plugs to the red coupler and black plugs to the black coupler.
  4. Do a dry test for functionality.
  5. Upon success, solder all wires to posts.
  6. Assemble red and black couplers into an electric box.
  7. Feed red and black banana plugs through an electric box hole. Screw couplers to the box. Add a wall plate and you’re ready to go!

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