Be a Diver Pool


Be a DiverFor Zoos & Aquariums, the Be A Diver® Pool is a great opportunity to not only engage your guests and draw new visitors to your establishment, but also increase media coverage and local interest and exposure.

The Be A Diver® Pool Tour is a year-‘round, nationwide program that enables targeted potential diving customers to try scuba diving in the warm, safe confines of a four-foot deep swimming pool under professional supervision.

Be a Diver PoolThe Be A Diver® Pool travels throughout the United States, making appearances during large-scale events which already attract potential customers who fit the same affluent demographic profile targeted by the diving industry. The Be A Diver® Pool uses a professional New York-based Public Relations firm to help attract media attention as well as potential customers, and is often used by the event to help draw media attention for the event itself.

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