Annual Symposium


Our annual symposium is an all-day professional gathering of Dive Program Administrators. This professional forum is the only gathering of Dive Program Administrators in the country. Held just before the DEMA (Dive Equipment & Marketing Association) trade show, this is the event where ADPA members gather to present methods and techniques to run an effective dive safety program.

While attending the symposium, you will be able to professionally network with other Dive Program Administrators from within the country and some from around the world. You will be educated on any new changes within the zoo and aquarium diving industries. You also have the opportunity to sit in on presentations from other Dive Program Administrators as they discuss new changes to their facility as it pertains to diving. Listen in as our corporate partners talk about their new product and how it can have a positive change within your dive program.

Benefits of attending include:

  • Networking with fellow dive program administrators from national and international organizations and institutions.
  • Face-to-face time and gear demos with corporate partners of ADPA.
  • Informative presentations by your peers with topics including but not limited to: dive safety, field research, training techniques, program management, and the latest and greatest of institutional projects.

The symposium is open to all active members and invited guests.

A networking event follows in the evening (separate fee required). This is a great opportunity to put names to faces from the ADPA Listserv, and have more time to interact with your fellow cohorts to better your dive program.

Are you going to the symposium for the first time?

Are you nervous about all the note taking you will need to do?

Did you hear an idea that was done at another diving facility and wanted to know how they did that?

Good news, all the presentations given at the symposium are documented in the ADPA member site for active members to review.

Members can access presentations and the minutes from the symposium in the document repository of the ADPA Member Site.

Typical Schedule

Sunday – Board of Directors Meeting

Monday – Training Day

Pre-registration and fee required for all sessions (Must be a current paid active member to attend)

Tuesday – Annual Symposium

Wednesday – Saturday DEMA, Possible ADPA Events

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