2021 Professional Development Week

Monday, Nov 8Tuesday, Nov 9Wednesday, Nov 10Thursday, Nov 11
8:00AM (PST)Future Educational Needs of the Professional Dive Officer
PSI/PCI Refresher (Date Change!)
Open Forum – Your Question or Topic, our Discussion
12:00PM (PST)DSO WorkshopDPiC User Q&A and Program UpdateThe Present and Future of Scientific Diving Standards and Zoo and Aquarium Dive ProgramsCovid – Where are we now and what have we learned?
Monday, Nov 15Tuesday, Nov 16Wednesday, Nov 17Thursday, Nov 18
RescueX Hands-On Training Symposium and Networking Event RescueX Hands-On Training RescueX Hands-On Training


Professional Development Webinars

DSO Workshop
Moderator – Paul Dimeo, Aquarium of the Pacific
Monday, November 8th 12:00PM (PST)

DSO Workshop Info: This workshop offering is designed for DSO’s of every level. Topics include
ADPA history, diving standards, diver training, volunteer programs, rescue drills, risk
management, guest immersion programs. We have prerecorded the training session and a link to
the videos was shared (and can be accessed here). Please watch these videos in advance to
prepare you for our discussion during this time slot.

Join our DSO Workshop presenters on a panel Q&A session for any inquiry from the pre-recorded
training session.

Future Educational Needs of the Professional Dive Officer
Moderator – Christine Nottage, SEA LIFE Charlotte- Concord
Tuesday, November 9th 8:00AM (PST)

At the surface, we know in the field that technical skills needed to be a DSO / diving professional. The various certifications, DM, Rescue, DAN O2, CPR / First Aid … and more.

Dropping down, it is not just us in the water, we are managing teams. Keeping our teams up to date on their certifications and continued training through drills.

Going deeper, more things emerge, equipment needing service, OSHA, diving best practices for safety (COVID) and more.

Finally we reach the bottom and a whole new world of skills and needs comes to light. Company rules, managing teams with HR in mind, dealing with issues of COVID, navigating vendors, budgets, hiring practices and more. We are also managing teams that are more diverse, from volunteers to part-time staff, navigating schedules, needs, personalities and diverse backgrounds.

We need to know more than our craft … so what do we need to know and what do future DSOs need to learn in what we have had to learn on the fly. Is it more than just certifications? Is it smart to add HR, project management and people management. What should schools add to their curriculum to help us in this changing environment and benefit future DSOs.

PSI/PCI Refresher
Paul Boissinot, Le Musee du Fjord
Tuesday, November 8th 8:00AM (PST)
(Date Change!)

This refresher is for already certified PSI/PCI inspectors. In accordance with the code of Federal
Regulations Title 49 172.704© (ii) (2-4) recurrent training must be completed at least once every 3
years to be in compliance for HAZMAT handling and VIPs. Participants will receive a certification
as a Visual Cylinder Inspector upon course completion. Participants will be contacted by the
instructor once registered for course logistics. You will need to provide your PSI/PCI Instructor Number and expiration date for the Instructor.

DPIC User Q & A and Program Update
Scott Chapman, Monterey Bay Aquarium
Tuesday, November 9th 12:00PM (PST)

Bring questions you have on the DPiC program and Scott will be available to help respond and
problem-solve with you in real time. Scott will also be updating users on current functionality and future additions coming to this amazing member benefit.

The Present and Future of Scientific Diving Standards and Zoo and Aquarium Dive Programs
Moderator – Derek Smith, President AAUS
Wednesday, November 10th 12:00PM (PST)

This panel will discussing the latest updates on performance-based standards for training scientific divers across all organizations, the Cal-OSHA Technical Diving standard, and ongoing discussions with OSHA’s Office of Maritime Enforcement. There will be information presented with time for open forum discussion.

Open Forum – Your Question or Topic, Our Discussion
Moderator – ADPA Board
Thursday, November 11th 8:00AM (PST)

This open forum time will be all about the membership! Topics and questions can be submitted beforehand or through the chat feature on the “Go To Meeting platform”. Questions regarding the future of the ADPA, member benefits, best practices or standards, your list serve questions that still need answering, the open forum is for you!

Covid – Where are we now and what have we learned?
Moderator – Mauritius Bell, California Academy of Sciences
Thursday, November 11th 1:00PM (PST)

Professor Simon Mitchell, Head of the Department of Anaesthesiology at the School of Medicine, University of Auckland

Rescue X Training – Hands on in water Training
Brian Saxon

When: Monday, Wednesday and Thursday (November 15, 17, 18)
Where: The RescueX house, Las vegas
Length: 3 hour training
Times: Morning and Afternoon sessions offered
Max people per session: 8 people per session.
Cost: Free

Rescue X is requesting all participants be vaccinated

The Rescue Ready program was designed with the Dive Safety Officer in mind. To sum up 11.7.4 and 11.7.5 of the AZA protocols: After you develop emergency action plans (EAPs) for your exhibits you must train and test your staff; make corrections to the EAP; and finally, ensure your staff have been re-trained to the changes. Training and testing is an ongoing thing but it is time consuming.

The training we are running this year is to demonstrate how the Rescue Ready program helps you with this. The Rescue Ready program is a subscription-based program that is run on RescueX’s proprietary app, Xverse. It can run on smartphones or laptop/desktops. The Rescue Ready program includes extrication training with the Rapid Extrication board but is also a CPR, AED and O2 certification. This allows you to re-certify your staff in CPR, AED and O2 administration whenever you run a rescue update training for any given exhibit. This is an OSHA and AAUS compliant CPR certification. With the app you can also build your EAP’s. These can be easily updated which means your staff are also more easily updated.